Rusty And Nina

Rusty has completed his tour as a Corpsman in the US Navy. After completing his Corpsman training in Great Lakes, Illinois, Rusty went to Camp Pendleton in San Diego County to do his field Corpsman training.   Rusty completed additional field Corpsman training in North Carolina and mountain warfare training at the Marine Mountain Warfare training facility in Nevada.  

Rusty completed a nine month deployment with a Marine training team in Afghanistan in December, 2008.   Rusty received a field promotion to HM3 (the Corpsman rating comparable to a Petty Officer) and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his efforts to provide medical service to Coalition and Afghan forces while in Afghanistan. 

Rusty was also stationed Okinawa, Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pennsylvania and Camp Pendleton in California. 

Rusty and his wife Nina are now calling Chico home.  Rusty is back in college and hoping to get into the Nursing program at Chico State. 


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